• 17-19 Jul 2014, AAS in Asia 2014: Asia in Motion: Heritage and Transformation international conference paper presentation 'The making of a "world class suburb":Heritage and Development in Whitefield' (part of IIAS panel by invitation)

  • 11-13 Jul 2014, University of York-ICOMOS conference 2014: Engaging Conservation: Communities and Capacity Building in Conservation Practice, international conference paper presentation 'Linking people and heritage: Lessons from community engagement initiatives'

  • 18-20 Nov 2013, Politechnico di Milano BH2013 international conference paper presentation, 'Nakshay - community led culture mapping initiative - attempt towards best practices and successful conservation'

  • 18-20 Nov 2013,Politechnico di Milano BH2013 international conference paper presentation, 'Heritage Information Management Package (HIMP) - technology and experience driven approach towards efficiently managing India's built heritage sites'

  • 11-12 Sep 2013, Vistara 2013 national conference paper presentation, 'Craft cluster and settlement pattern - a study at Hampi WHS'

  • Jun 2013, Citizen Matters, 'Mootocherry (forgotten history of Bangalore)'

  • 02-04 May 2012, UMass-CHS 2012, International conference paper presentation, 'Digitial Technology and Intangible Heritage-case study: Whitefield Anglo-Indian settlement'

  • 18-19 Apr 2012, Pracheen Tattva, MSRIT National conference on Architectural Heritage Conservation and Management, Invited speaker, 'Heritage and Communities-conserving whose past for whose future?'

  • 7 Feb 2012, Deccan Herald Spectrum, 'Final fade out for Elgin'

  • Jan 2010 - Jan 2012, The Alternative - Read. Be.,'Guest Column: Past Perfect'
  • Jan 2012 - Elgin Talkies, no longer 'showing since 1896'
    Jul 2011 - All the fuss about world heritage
    Apr 2011 - To the past, through the stomach
    Oct 2010 - Yesterday once more?
    Jul 2010 - Lalbagh-is it really a community space?
    Apr 2010 - Heritage and Community value
    Mar 2010 - Value and significance
    Feb 2010 - Putting heritage in perspective

  • Jun 2011, Citizen Matters, 'Where food becomes heritage'

  • 07-08 Apr 2011, IAAH 2011, International conference paper presenation, 'Whitefield - an important but forgotten chapter of India's colonial heritage'

  • Mar 2011, Vol 27, Iss 1,89-110, South Asian Studies - peer reviewed journal of British Association of South Asian Studies,'Whitefield - an important but forgotten chapter of India's colonial heritage'

  • 29 Aug 2010, Bangalore Mirror,'The fields are no more'.

  • Mar 2010, Citizen Matters,'Anglo-Indian village to Upmarket suburb'.

  • Oct 2009, Aedes Berlin Exhibition 'What Makes India Urban''Poster - Bangalore: Continuity, Conflict and Urban Imagery' with Prof Sathya Prakash.

  • Aug 2009, Citizen Matters,'Lost Villages of Bangalore - Vallabharaya's Abode Vasantapura'

  • Jun 2009, Citizen Matters, online and print magazine devoted to Bangalore City specific issues,'ABIDe Plan Bengaluru 2020: Heritage - 'Old wine in a new bottle or ...?'

  • 03-06 Nov 2008, CSAAR 2008 international conference paper publication, 'Authenticity & Living Heritage-a conflicting conservation response in an Indian scenario'

  • May 2008, Taranga Annual Special Issue, Need for Heritage Conservation(regional language translation)

  • Sep 2006, Bexley Archaeological Group newsletter, Conservation Plans: An Introduction

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